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Another dose of tracks for your ears to consume:

The Knives –  Rain Dance

Starting off with a wave of noise, ‘Rain Dance’ by The Knives is a sonically charged 3 and a half minute, Manson inspired assault on the senses. With a powerful bass line, deceptively slow drums and vocals that feel like they’re up and down in the mix constantly, this track feels like it is for acid what Trainspotting was for heroin.

Chris Reardon – Goldmine


Taking a completely different path is ‘Goldmine’ by Chris ReardonChris released his debut EP earlier in the year and has been pushing his blues rock style since mid 2017. Recorded and mastered at the Abbey Valley studios, this track was brought to life in a venue with so much expectation and it is immediately obvious that there are so many inspirations being drawn from without Chris falling into the trap of writing a song like one of them. From the excited vocals to the slow drums and dirty guitars, this is a Chris Reardon song and if this continues his name has the potential to become household.

Vagrants – Clarity 


Going a little heavier here we have Vagrants and their single ‘Clarity’. This track came out back in May but as the band are doing it all themselves, it feels right to give it another push now. Vocally it has all the hallmarks of a modern metalcore band with two vocalists covering clean, spoken and screamed vocals and they combine nigh on perfectly. Musically the track offers something slightly different with some electronic elements that add a new dimension to the track. Vagrants may have created something a little different here.

The Goldwyn Experiment – Bag Of Nails


Another track with strong classic rock influences is ‘Bag Of Nails’ from The Goldwyn Experiment. With seven years of experience under their belt, it is simple to hear that this is their sound. This isn’t a bash at recording a song, this is a band that knows what they’re trying to do…and doing it well. There are Led Zep elements in here, there are foot-tapping drums and there’s a solo as good as anything you’ve heard recently. Best of all none of this mentions the silky smooth vocals and some of the catchy hooks. Get this song out of your head, I dare you.

Rat Boy – Internationally Unknown


Closing out this article today is ‘Internationally Unknown’ from Rat Boy, a band that were, unironically, unknown to me before hearing this track. If you go back to the early 00s skater punk you’re likely going to recognise the style here. Vocally there’s a bit of OPM in there but musically it just has much more about it than almost any of those old bands had. It switches so seamlessly between chorus and verse and keeps you hooked and wanting to get moving. Catch these guys live if you even slightly like this track as I imagine the live shows are gonna go off.

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