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Giant Boys – Clap Your Hands


Recording tracks in single takes is always a risky move but that’s what Giant Boys have done with their latest tracks including ‘Clap Your Hands’. The Salford duo will release the track in a weeks time and it’s set to make some serious waves. With these duos it seems to go one way or the other, they either play music more expansive that you’d think would be possible from just two people or make mundane, boring drum and bass (not that kind). Giant Boys are the former and this track is fast and frantic and just doesn’t sound like anything else out there at the moment.


Third & Delaware – Solemn Secrets

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Back again in the Singles Only feature it’s Third & Delaware, this time with meat in the sandwich that is their EP Generations. Last time it was ‘Ardor’, this time it’s ‘Solemn Secrets’, a more reserved and concerted effort from the Americans. The track has a certain degree of purpose in it this time that seems missing when going back and listening to ‘Ardor’. This track combines the harsh vocals with clean guitars for the most part. It feels very much like the kind of track that would have been the token metal track on the old Need For Speed games apart from a small piano driven section in the middle which comes out of nowhere before exploding back again.


Dark Ride Brothers – You Look So Fine


Heading to Finland for a few minutes it’s ‘You Look So Fine’ by Dark Ride Brothers. The song is a simple rock track for the most part with a catchy ‘uh oh’ before each chorus, a steady beat and some inoffensive guitars. The male/female vocals work well here, even if the majority are male. The track is a good example of Country, Rock, and Pop colliding to create a track that suits most fans of those genres. It’s a good time track make no mistake.


The Dreamboats – Run Away


It’s over to Canada now for The Dreamboats and their rock n roll throwback track ‘Run Away’. The song has the sort of bassline that your grandma used to dance to and you can imagine the vocalist combing back hair far too big for his head. It’s a track that gets your legs moving before you even realise you’re enjoying yourself and is the sort of track that you want to be listening after a few cold ones at a festival…or you know, village dance. Plus, it even ends in that oh so traditional manner. It’s a winner all round.


Superseed – My Time Is Now


Closing us out today we have ‘My Time Is Now’ from Superseed, a track released at the end of July. This is a balls out rock track that has undertones of Velvet Revolver, just without that Slash magic. Vocally this feels very much like a combination between the old school grungey stuff that came out of the 80s/early 90s and nu-metal and on they fit the music perfectly throughout. A slowing down of the pace for almost a minute in the middle gives the track the feeling of being split in two and that could lend itself well to the live scene. One to keep an eye on.


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