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Luna Kiss – You Are


We kick off today with ‘You Are’ from Coventry based rockers Luna Kiss. Having already picked up some Radio 1 airplay from Daniel P Carter the track is powering up the track sits in 2nd in the band’s most listened to tracks on Spotify. As a song, it feels like it’s leaving everything for the choruses with soft verses that lead into powerful riffs and huge vocals in those choruses. This track and the album Following Shadows has been 6 years in the making and you can hear that on this pristine track.


InCrest – Nightcrawler

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Next up is ‘Nightcrawler’ from Danish band InCrest. The track has hallmarks of bands like Nirvana and their grunge kin, but with more of a catchy, riffy tinge to them. The vocals hooks are strong through the verses and choruses and, despite being what might be described as an acquired taste, the vocals are strong if not a little rough around the edges. The grunge spirit is alive here.


Signal Versus Noise – Nineteen

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If InMe were an American pop-punk band then their name would likely be Signal Versus Noise and their sound would probably not be far from what’s on offer here from ‘Nineteen’. Vocally it’s like Dave McPherson is putting on an accent and rolling the years back a few. Musically this is fairly simple pop-rock that is leaning a little towards the rock end of that spectrum, though the track would not be out of place in an angsty, teen flick.


Third & Delaware – Ardor

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A Texan band called Third & Delaware? I know what you’re thinking but this is no Country group. ‘Ardor’ is a varied, metal track that takes influence from so much modern metal. You have the heavy vocals, the big slow riffs, and the sinister atmosphere that all combine to make a fully enjoyable song. Whilst the synth sound towards the end, combined with piano trickling off, doesn’t do much to add to the track, overall ‘Ardor’ is a good starting place for Third & Delaware


Greywalker – Dark Waters

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From the sophomore album Without ControlGreywalker are following up Beyond All Mortal in very similar fashion. Fans of bands like Trivium will likely find something they like about ‘Dark Waters’, with its raspy vocals that just seem to hang around for half a second longer than you expect and it’s complementary guitar work. The track was mastered at West West Side Music by Alan Douches (Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die) and although it doesn’t have quite as much of a progressive side to it as those there is a lot to enjoy here.


The Faceplants – The World I Know


Over to Canada now for Vancouver based quintet The Faceplanters. A name like that evokes thoughts of punk-rock and the late 90s but this is a straight-up rock band, albeit with some pop influences. The track is catchy throughout where it’s the high pitched vocals, funky bassline and soft riffs. From the first few seconds where you just have some vocals and guitar, you can hear that this song is trying to get your involved in that sort of nightclub singalong kinda way and for the most part it succeeds.


Crystalline – Mine To Break


Back to the garage with the next track as Crystalline give us ‘Mine To Break’, a track that has all the hallmarks of a young band finding their feet. Eva Mullen’s vocals are the strongest element of the track at this point as they grow throughout the song. Their debut EP, Of Unsound Mind, was released at the end of July and this track is a good indication of what the band has to offer. This isn’t the most unique of tracks but it does what it does very well. I feel at this point in their career this band will be one to see in the live setting.


Freeze – Running


With big, long riffs and those 70s style, punk-metal vocals Freeze are reigniting the garage sound. ‘Running’ is the opening track on their 2018 demo and it’s as full of energy and anger as you would hope. In the most positive of ways, it’s hard to think this track is only three and a half minutes long as it twists and turns through several sections that knit together seamlessly. This is another band that are doing that DIY sound to almost perfection.


Diemonds – Our Song


Back to Canada, we have Diemonds, a female fronted Toronto based band that have made a big impact on the scene already. When they aren’t mazing their way around Canada, they’re being featured in Classic Rock. 11 days ago they released their self-titled third album and ‘Our Song’ is the explosive second track off of it. With Priya Panda fronting the five-piece there’s little chance of them writing a quiet track with some early 00’s style vocals during the pre-chorus and the softer choruses showing the huge range that she has out front. Ably backed by a band with some serious talent Diemonds have the potential to go big both sides of the pond.


Everyone Loves A Villain – Empty Mirrors

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Closing us out today is ‘Empty Mirrors’ from Washington based Everyone Loves A Villain. The track is a passionate and aggressive rock track that feels like it would be at home as easily in stadiums as tiny clubs. With the vocals, guitars, drums and effects all having such a strong personality it would be easy for this track to be a mess of egos trying to steal focus but each element complements the rest with such ease that you wouldn’t know all of the band members came together from other bands. ‘Empty Mirrors’ is only the second single from the band but the potential here is huge. This is a band to get into now, on the ground floor.


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