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Possible Oceans – What’s Coming To Me

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As the fuzzed up guitars launch into guitar squeals, there’s an overwhelming sense of 90s alt-rock in this track, that’s all battered away once the vocals launch in and you’re hit with the best of British indie. As the song progresses there’s a feeling of not quite being able to pinpoint what best sums up Possible Oceans. Try 80s pop mixed with the arena rock of Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age with 00s indie thrown in for good measure. The amalgamation of influence comes together in a beautifully modern package, one that I can’t imagine will stay underground for long.

Gator – Full Moon

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Gator take their mystical storytelling chops and blend it with rhythmic film noir-esque vocals sending you straight to a theatre stage. They don’t just create the soundtrack, but everything you see, the world you’re transported into and to action going on around you. Every inch of the musical canvas serves the purpose of whisking you away; the sitar creates a distinct Middle Eastern feel that dances round the jazz swings and culminates in a wholly psychedelic sound. ‘Full Moon’ is a must-listen.

China Tanks – Wing It

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Although the song takes almost a minute to ditch the slow guitar intro, my ears pricked up to the sound of the vocals that have a distinct Brendon Urie tinge to them. In fact, parts of this song had vocal lines that could have been taken straight from Pretty Odd by Panic! at the Disco… if Brendon was British. This track is very radio friendly in sound despite having a more complex structure and slow burning start. If you like light guitar music and brilliant vocals, check out China Tanks.

Pablo Matisse – Rise

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Hitting you like a truck and taking you along for the ride, ‘Rise’ starts and doesn’t let out until the song ends at 90 seconds. Featuring gang vocals, screeching guitars and manic drums; ‘Rise’ is a song that completely emits fun, it’s the sound of people having a blast in a garage, making tunes that they love. And that’s the beauty of music. It might be straight ahead and wild, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mercury Machine – Aurora

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Mercury Machine are equal parts radio rock and interesting delicate guitar music. There is a certain magnetism to their sound that kept me glued to the song for its 5 minute duration. The band’s influences are clear, sounds of Joy Divison are present throughout yet I can hear the presence of alternative rock giants such as Snow Patrol seeping in. Mercury Machine aren’t anything particularly fresh sounding, but the blend of sounds in their music creates something genuinely enjoyable.

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