Singles Only V3.3

Just a small crop of 5 bands to get us moving on Singles Only again. Enjoy!

Chris Gleckman – ‘Sin’

From his debut album, ‘Sin’ is the second single from Chris Gleckman has released. Combining a bluesy rock sound with some more grungey style vocals he has managed to find a little area that no one else seems to be doing. The vocals aren’t overly expansive here and musically it isn’t pulling up any trees but it’s a bit different and it’s a bloody enjoyable listen.


Mindi Abair And The Boneshakers – ‘Pretty Good For A Girl’ Feat Joe Bonamassa

‘Pretty Good For A Girl’ is a track doing exactly what it sounds like. It’s pointing a finger at the sexist nature of the music industry, from the bands through to fans. The track is a modern feeling jazzy rock track with Mindi Abair bringing saxophone like you’ve never experienced in your life on top of her vocals so full of soul. This is a killer combo that somehow grows to another level when Joe Bonamassa lends his exquisite guitar skills to the track. This is the sort of song you wish you could hear for the first time over and over again.


Barbie Sailors – ‘Tonight’

Heading back to a more ‘hard rock’ style we have Barbie Sailors, a Swiss quintet that have been around for around seven years. Their track ‘Tonight’ is a track in the ilk of Papa Roach but without Jacoby’s raw charisma. The track is a fast paced track that, despite lacking in the vocal department a bit, makes up for it with some strong guitar work and a well composed track.


The Hollywood Kills – ‘Hannibal’

In their twelfth year as a band, The Hollywood Kills are a band you’ve likely come across in your time. They’re similar in ilk to Barbie Sailors with a strong yet more refined sound. The experience of working together for more than a decade is obvious and the track is the sort that just gets you moving. It has that classic American radio rock sound but with more depth and musical quality than almost all of the regulars in that scene.


Impart – ‘Martyrs’

Another American hard rock band are Impart. These guys are at the opposite end of their career with ‘Martyrs’ being the final track of their self-titled debut EP. The hard/alt rock track has strong riffs that carry the relatively slow track through. The drumming feels like it’s holding back a raging bull and the vocals sit perfectly in the middle with their urgency changing regularly. This is a band at the start of a career that could have a lot to offer. One to get in on the ground floor with.


V3 is upon and as a result a new playlist is born. Make sure you check out the previous two as well though as there are some brilliant tracks in there.



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