MNN Presents: Dawn of Anubis on Bloodstock Festival

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Discuss the sound of Dawn of Anubis.

Dawn of Anubis has a very fresh original sound that cannot be figured to one genre, different elements of sub-genres such as metalcore, progressive, thrash are only a few of the influences within our music.

What was it like to receive a special invitation to play Bloodstock festival?

It was an incredible feeling to be asked to be apart of bloodstock. As we were waiting to hear the results we were all in the same mindset of ‘we’ve not won we know who’s won, our good friends seven hells’ and when they announced there will be another place given, we all knew then and there that we had it, we knew we’d done enough to get there and we had started to celebrate amongst our selves before it was announced. That may be taken as abit arrogant but we had worked so hard to get there and we were confident.

How does this Bloodstock gig stand out from every other show you’ve played?

We have never been apart of something so huge like bloodstock, we have played to big crowds before and played to festivals in other bands before but never the opportunity to play our own music and be part of such a great community, the people of metal have been very welcoming towards us in the short time we have been playing metal. We are all very much looking forward to playing and attending bloodstock this year.

Your band has changed styles and lineups over the years, but how do you feel about the current guise?

Currently I think this is the best we’ve ever been, we all enjoy listening to metal music so much and the fact we can go and play that and be apart of the metal community is incredible. We have tried a lot of different styles and I think we are very happy with where we’ve ended up. We all think we keep getting heavier and heavier with our sound, with more technical riffs and drum patterns.

With opportunities like this, does the future of Dawn of Anubis seem hopeful?

Well we are very hopeful that the future is bright for us, as this has been an incredible journey so far and in such a short amount of time to have gained such amazing support from fans and other musicians has given us a lot to look forward to as it can only get better. We are currently writing an album so we hope that we get the chance to take our music to people all over and see what their thoughts are. Dawn of Anubis are here to stay and here to take over!

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