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Singles Only V2.4

Another trip around the world. Jump in to the latest 6 bands reviewed in the Singles Only feature.

Pacing The Cage – ‘Thrill Pill’ | Facebook | Twitter

Taking inspiration from 80s hard rock, Pacing The Cage have managed to be an Australian band not trying to be like that one big famous Australian band. They do almost fall into the trap of sounding like most of the big American rock bands but just about manage to steer clear with some interesting riffs, vocals with good depth and an all round catchy song. It’s not perfect, the production feels a little lacking in parts, but there’s the hallmarks of a band on the up here.


Teddy And The Love Gang – ‘Island Universe’| Facebook | Twitter

Early 00s indie rock is the next port of call with Norwegian rockers Teddy And The Love Gang. Their track ‘Island Universe’ moves at a fast pace throughout. The track forms part of the final of three EPs and on this track especially the band are carving their own niche in the market where you can feel the inspiration in the music, but it’s not overpowering and it’s not a rip off. The vocals feel like an amalgamation of Jack White and the Strokes and musically there are similarities to both at points in their careers. Keep and eye on these.


Corusco – ‘Daughter’ | Facebook | Twitter

A strong bassline kicks off Corusco’s ‘Daughter’ and that flows through a four minute track that incorporates so many different elements while keeping a consistent tone throughout. This is entirely down to the musicianship of the band as a whole. Excellent drumming, strong riffs and the introduction of some keys are impressive. Vocally it takes just as much of a journey and, despite reaching the limits sometimes, is consistently well put across. The track is from their album Wake that was released in May. I would strongly recommend you check it out.


Ursa Major – ‘Gold Blooded’ | Facebook | Twitter

A funky Rage Against The Machine might not be what you were expecting in here but that’s what you get. ‘Gold Blooded’ is the sound of the Summer that you weren’t even looking for from a band you didn’t even know existed. The soft rapped vocals over the top of some simple yet catchy drums and guitars is a perfect match and on top of this the band know how much of it you want to hear, knocking the song on the head in under four minutes. Well worth that amount of time and it drags you in and makes you want so much more of it.


Between The Rain – ‘Mudroom’ | Facebook

A slow burning, through and through rock track is up next from New York’s Between The Rain. ‘Mudroom’ feels like a throwback to the early 00’s when if you weren’t in a nu-metal band you were probably in a far more talented, yet lesser known rock band. It’s gritty yet accessible, loud but restrained. It feels like the kind of track you listen to with your sunglasses on, windows down and volume up but lose your shit to when seeing live and that’s even with the slow, melodic style.


Hope From Beyond – ‘Made It Through’ | Facebook

If you’ve read this far thinking ‘man I was hoping for some god damn breakdowns’ looks no further. Cyprian Hope From Beyond have got your back. Their hard hitting breakdowns are a stark contrast to the clean choruses, echoing a scene over-saturated as it is. What is it that sets them apart then? Well some electronic elements do this to a degree. Is it enough to see them rise to the top? Maybe not. But it is enough to get you listening and moving.


As we’ve hit V2.0 we’re starting a new playlist too. You can still catch V1.0-1.9 below though.


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