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The global journey of the Singles Only feature continues here hitting multiple continents and several different musical styles. There’s something in here for everyone so give the reviews a read, head to the playlist and enjoy.

Browsing Collection – ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ | Facebook | Instagram

Swedish female quartet Browsing Collection have been going for a decade now and with a mantra of ‘stay away from bullshit’ you can see how they’ve managed to survive more band member changes than Ghost. The punchy riffs, catchy vocals and post chorus chants make ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ as catchy as compatriots Hardcore Superstar but with a more contemporary rock sound.


Voiid – ‘Not For You’ | InstagramFacebook

With a name that seems more like it’s going to be an Icelandic death metal band, Voiid bring an important message to women around the world in that you don’t need to be judged on your physical appearance. The Australian four-piece brings some catchy, surprisingly tight musicianship together with vocals that seem to drift towards Avril Lavigne’s Canadian twang in parts. A fun track with a strong underbelly.


Grizzly Buddha – ‘Simple World’ | Facebook | Website

Going in a slightly different direction, Grizzly Buddha will be a delight to the ears of bands like Blind Melon. The soft, slow drums combined with a male/female harmonies create such a relaxed atmosphere it’s almost impossible not to drift off into a daydream, luckily the pace picks up slightly every now and then to bring you back into the clutches of the song. There may be comparisons to be drawn to other bands, but this group isn’t really like anything else out there at the moment.


Benjamin Love – ‘Kiss It Better’ | Facebook | Website

If you were to funk up the Scissors Sisters and add in some Prince you may get somewhere near what Benjamin Love do. The bluesy rock style of the bassline has tones of pop music from the middle of the last decade but builds on it so much you’re left with a catchy as hell rock song that ticks so many boxes. It might not appeal to the full rock spectrum of fans but with a guitar fill that almost slips by unnoticed it would be a shame not to give the track a go at the very least. Plus at less than 3 minutes you may as well lob the kettle on and make your own mind up.


Glass Hearts and Quiet Hands – ‘When Water Sang Fire’ | Facebook | Bandcamp

Glass Hearts and Quiet Hands bring echoes of bands like Touché Amoré but with an ambience fuelled monologue that creates an atmosphere of true despair immersed with more passion than some bands manage in their entire careers. In just under four minutes the track takes you on a journey through the raw emotions brought to life by vocalist and songwriter Chris Gonzalez and Nikk Koromvokis’ bass and vocals. Get yourself some decent headphones, turn down the lights and get yourself lost in this track.


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