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The next instalment of the ‘Singles Only’ feature brings another global collection of rock and metal with a little something for everyone. Give this a read, give the playlist a follow and get to know the bands you’re unaccustomed to.

RedHook – ‘Minute On Fire’ | Facebook | Bandcamp

With an intro that sounds like it could be from either of the last two BMTH albums, ‘Minute On Fire’ is something you don’t always hear from Australia…a track that doesn’t contain a 3 minute solo and a chap running around with shorts on or no shirt. With female vocals and an electro/rap combo over some pounding drums, RedHook combine pop elements with some energetic vocals that drift between beautiful melodies floating to your ears to rapped elements spat at you. Think PVRIS but with more spite.

The Curious Incident – ‘Your Sister’ | WebsiteFacebook | Twitter

Slowing things down a bit The Curious Incident combine elements of acoustic rock, ska and indie to create a track about ‘Your Sister’. The track glides through its 3.40 runtime with vocals that go from soft, slow and deep to faster, higher and more frantic and that’s just the verses. The choruses are catchy and make you want to get up and move in a way that…well no one wants to see me dance. Overall, this track could appeal to fans of both rock and pop as the acoustic elements could as easily be found in the top 40 as the local pub.

Dead Superstar – ‘Beware Of The Knife’ | Facebook | Twitter | Souncloud

With vocals akin to Scott Weiland and riffs to back that up Dead Superstar are in good company in the hard rock world. An answer machine intro kicks off in that borderline cliched manner that tracks are doing recently and before you know it you’re into a chorus. The aforementioned vocals share elements of Velvet Revolver era Weiland, though never quite reaching the Contraband heights of the fallen frontman. Musically you’re treated to a track that effectively combines bass and guitar like so many modern bands fail to do and the piano fill halfway through is a nice surprise.

Floater – ‘Light It Up’ | Soundcloud | Twitter

If Dead Superstar‘s vocals were Weiland inspired, Floater have pinned their vocal inspirations to the Chris Cornell flag and, well, who can blame them? Musically it fits nicely in the ‘alternative’ genre with elements of rock mixed in with styles from around the world. We open with some bongos, at one points a Santana like guitar makes an appearance, in some areas Audioslave style riffs come to the fore. The track to’s and fro’s with such regularity it would be easy to get lost but the one consistent element throughout is the high quality of musicianship to tie it all together. Parts that may not feel like they naturally fit are sewed together with aplomb. These guys are well worth your time.

Vikingo! – ‘One Man Town’ | Facebook | Website

Vikingo! close out this instalment of ‘Singles Only’ and do so in a sort of turn of the century American radio rock style. Think Hot Fuss by The Killers and you’re in the right ballpark. It’s not as far towards indie as that though, with a faster pace and guitars more suited to hard rock. Vocally you get the feeling the track could be a blast live, with the right crowd in front of the band at least. If your feet aren’t tapping at the very least I’d be surprised.

So there they are. Give the playlist a listen and a follow here and keep up to date with these five and the other bands featured so far:


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