Album Review: Apocrophex – AEternalis


Release Date: 18th May

Label: Independent

Genre: Death metal

Aprocrophex are a death metal due from New Jersey, who have returned with their sophomore full-length, AEternalis. Joined by their session drummer, the band have returned with their first release in 3 years with a sound that’s darker and heavier than before.

Steady guitars and drums pounding, ‘Where Temples Are Older Than Trees’ establishes a slow tempo to open AEternalis. After providing a steady beat, this track builds the solid foundations with which the album is built. However, ‘Implanted Genesis’ really steps up the game. The similar steady beat from the previous song returns, but the brutally deep vocals introduced in this track layer with the piercing backing screams of the pre-chorus amalgamate to form a tremendous melody. Approaching the breakdown, Apocrophex provides a gentle moment of relaxation before plummeting back into a scorching tune. This is by far the standout track of the album.

‘The Oracle Room’ brings a more melodic sound with Buell’s stripped-back guitar for the introduction. The song shows the true diversity of Apocrophex as they are able to maintain a punishing depth whilst building up to a semi-clean, proving Apocrophex are not a band you should let simply pass you by. With a contrasting tone, ‘Sovereign Symbol’ holds a rolling drumbeat while the rhythm guitar leads the track throughout. Accompanied by Colucci’s deathgrowls, this song pounds through the 5-minute mark for the 5th consecutive track and keeps the energy flowing high.

In the penultimate track, ‘A Sentient Edifice’ is a gruelling track through-and-through, but the hefty weight of the vocals in ‘Neglected Megalith’ is unrivalled to the preceding tracks The slower pace throughout really brings the brutality of the vocals to light, and concludes the album with a big impact which lingers with the listener.

With pounding drums and some stomping vocals, AEternalis is an album with a lot of grit and a big sound. Although it did become a little predictable in the second half, Apocrophex have produced a set of powerful tracks here which are truly gripping in all their darkened glory.

Recommended Track: Implanted Genesis

Rating: 7/10

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