EP Review: Seasons – Chapters


Release Date: 20th April

Label: Independent

Genre: Alt Rock

Seasons are a five piece from Bedford who have a penchant for big choruses interspersed with much more relaxed moments. Chapters which is their third EP release demonstrates their ear for this dynamic. Across the records five tracks they have crafted a collection of songs that explore quite personal themes carried by a solid ear for some decent riffs.

The EP opens with ‘Getaway’ which has a large slightly anthemic feel to the opening bars which place a strong riff over chant-like vocals. This is a motif that recurs throughout the song and contributes to it’s full sound. The verse has a slightly more muted vocal line with some well placed guitar sections. Towards it’s conclusion the song gradually amps up the sound, with big bass kicks and vocals being joined by wailing guitar as they build up to the final crescendo. It is a strong start to the record. The accompanying video shows the band playing against a backdrop of what is probably best described as a mannequin graveyard. The band give an energised performance in front of a mass of these models in various states of dismemberment.

‘One Last Night’ continues the self reflective mode of the EP, taking a look at the strains of maintaining a relationship and a breakdown of communication, ‘you don’t know what I go through because we are not the same.’ This song has a darker feel to it, the mood a little more brooding. There is an interesting cutaway to just vocals and isolated guitar notes that add to this mood and the backing vocals are a good addition to the main vox which sounds a little remorseful.

Title track ‘Chapters’ revisits the quiet loud interplay between more reserved verse part and the bombast of a larger sounding chorus. There is the slight air of a band like Tool in this approach and it is once again deployed to reasonably good effect. There is some good driving stick work here which maintains the songs power in it’s heavier moments.

‘Feel Alive’ has a guitar line emphasising sparse harmonic notes accompanied by a relatively slow and unobtrusive beat. The technique of repeating the single word ‘now’ in an echoic fashion as a means of segueing into a faster part of the song is nicely done. While there are more traditionally rock oriented parts to this track it does have a slightly spaced out feel, with some unexpected noises thrown in to add to the overall atmosphere. Things are taken right down for the conclusion as the voices start to fade and a softer guitar line becomes the focal point.

‘Consequences’ rounds the EP off with a strong vocal performance, the angst is palpable as the lead singer questions ‘what have we become?’ This is supported by instrumentation that runs through a number of sections with smooth execution. The guitar varies from lowkey almost acoustic sounding accompaniment to much more pronounced and dominant riffs.

Overall Chapters is a solid EP from a band who are sounding increasingly composed and assured in their output. It will now remain to be seen how the band can build on this momentum and continue to raise their game, both with subsequent releases and in their live shows.

Recommended Track: Getaway

Rating: 7/10

You can buy a copy of the EP here and keep up to date with Seasons by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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