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Live Review: Casey @ Boston Music Room, London – 13th April 2018

On Friday night Boston Music Room hosted Welsh hardcore punk band Casey’s headline show with supports of Rarity and Endless Heights whom performed high energy performances which fueled an even more high energy crowd. A night full of moshing, stage diving, crowdsurfing and singing was upon us. The show had sold out about a week before hand and as the tour continued more shows sold out which made it that little bit more exciting.

Rarity kicked off the show with Anxiety and the whole room began jumping and pitting. About ⅔ of the way through the set Rarity played Exhale and as the guitar began the whole crowd ventured forward. Being crushed up against the front for this song is something to never forget, it was beautifully executed and the atmosphere along with it was unbelievable. The entire crowd reciting it on the top of their lungs word for word and a few people tearing up was beautiful to experience. Another thing you couldn’t help but notice was the slight smile on Loeden’s face as he saw the whole crowd singing back.

As soon as it finished Loeden warned the crowd that the next few songs were not ‘happy songs’ and that they were ‘angry songs’ before giving a meaningful speech about mental illness and how no one else knows what you’re feeling, only you. This appeared to fuel the crowd for the rest of the set and there were multiple crowdsurfers and stagedivers, resulting in the band having to help people up as they rolled onto the stage, For the last track, bassist Cole, joined the pit and despite being a bit of a tangle getting him there it was worth it in the end as pitting with the bassist is pretty cool right? Overall the atmosphere and sound for the set was amazing and the band’s stage presence was phenomenal, the way they interacted with the crowd made it an intimate experience for everyone.

After a short interval we were joined by Australian band Endless Heights and yet again, an incredible set. Prior to the tour they released their new album Vicious Pleasure. Through the set the crowd were able to witness live performances of the new killer songs including Come A Little Closer and Paralyse. The stage presence of the band was on point, you really felt included in their set, like a part of something. Their music has an eerie, slightly sinister tone to it in the way the singer, Candace’s, voice is surrounded by the guitars and bass sends shivers down my spine. These things just adds a little something special to seeing them live.

Throughout the set the crowd was swaying, jumping, pitting and screaming all the words to the songs, even ones that had only been out for a couple of months. The song Come A Little Closer really bought it together making it a very special experience. Everything about their musibc was unique, from the voice to the structure of the song and use of instruments, making the music easy to get into even if you’d never listened to them before. Yet again another amazing set full of energy from Endless Heights just before headliners Casey appeared on stage.

Casey had a very structured set keeping the crowd going constantly. They opened with Making Weight and as soon as Tom turned around to begin to start singing you felt the push of the crowd as everyone tried to get as close as they could to show their support and sing with him. The album Where I Go When I Am Sleeping had only been out for a month and every face in the crowd was singing it word for word.  

The band’s stage presence is something special, no one is prancing around the stage making it hard to keep an eye on them, they’re centred stage and they owned it. One of the songs Darling began and around midway through they were joined on stage by Rarity’s frontman which bought shivers down spines. Nearing the end of the set they played Little Bird from their first album Love Is Not Enough and it was insane. Props to the band for keeping it cool and composed as fans were getting up onto the stage left right and centre and stage diving back off into the crowd.

The crowd quietened slightly for the words ‘our hearts lay on the bedroom floor and one was mine’ sang by Tom before the whole crowd screamed back ‘but both were yours’ and the stage divers were back at it and the pit was going hard. The band then goes off stage before half of the crowd start shouting for Ceremony and the other shouts for Haze. This goes on for around 3 minutes before the band arrives back on stage and leaves a bit of suspense before playing an Encore of Ceremony which was one of the most intense songs of the set, as their fans knew it was the last song of the set they went hard as they could. The drummer, Max, appeared to be dripping in sweat by the end of the set which is always a good sign of a great show. As the set finished Tom said they would be hanging out at merch and they didn’t care if you bought anything or not, they just wanted to meet their fans and the band left the stage and people started to part ways.


Overall this show was one of the most high energy, intense and quality shows I’d ever been to. It was an amazing experience and Rarity, Endless Heights and Casey shouldn’t be slept on,  if you have the chance to catch any of them do it but prepare for a bit of a work out holding people up and running across the stage. Seeing Casey personally meant a lot to me, I’ve seen them 4 times previously but this show was hands down my favourite, the setlist was amazing and it feels great to jump into a crowd of random people after being on stage with your favourite band. An absolute 10/10 experience check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify below:

Rarity – Facebook, Twitter & Spotify.

Endless Heights – Facebook, TwitterSpotify

Casey – FacebookTwitterSpotify.

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