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Live Review: Deez Nuts @ Mama Roux, Birmingham – 27/3/2018

Deez Nuts are an incredible Australian hardcore punk band whom have been going for 10 years now! Following the release of their 2017 album ‘Binge & Purgatory’ they’ve been touring Europe and will soon be heading over to the States to hang out with fans and perform some new music. On the 27th April, I went down to Mama Roux in Birmingham to check them out along with; Trash Talk, Capsize, Brutality Will Prevail and Boundaries.

First up were Boundaries (8), a 5 piece hard rock  band from Connecticut, and they impressed me as soon as they started. I hadn’t heard of them before this gig, but from the evidence here they are definitely on the road to success. As they were first on the room was fairly empty though, so it was difficult to see their full potential in terms of connection to the crowd. Their stage presence and energy was amazing and consistent throughout and I had a lot of fun watching them.

Welsh hardcore punk band Brutality Will Prevail (7) were second up. Sadly I only managed to catch the first half of their set, but they were so captivating I wanted to stay. With high energy levels throughout, the personality of the band really shines through in their live performance, especially from vocalist, Louis Gautheir.

Undoubtedly my favourite support act were third up, Capsize (9). They are a hardcore band with a melodic twist from Southern California and they really know how to work a crowd. As vocalist Daniel Wand jumped of the stage and got himself among the crowd, letting them shout lyrics into the mic, it was evident that the band love what they do and have so much potential. They were slightly different in comparison to the other acts, adding clean vocals into the mix, but have had me hooked on their music since. The band are competent in the music that they make and fun to watch perform that they deserve more recognition.

By the time it was turn for Trash Talk (6) to come on, the room was filled out and they seemed to be a band that everybody in the room knew and loved. Vocalist, Lee Spielman, shows a huge amount of talent with a powerful voice, demanding more from the crowd leading to the havoc and chaos taking place. The set was brilliant and time flew by fast, but by the time it was over, they had really made their impact and everybody was hyped up and ready for Deez Nuts.

When Deez Nuts (8) finally took the stage, the crowd were excited and ready to go. Their hardcore party vibes we’re really evident throughout the entire show. Vocalist JJ Peters was giving off nothing but pure chaos with high energy throughout which was supported thoroughly throughout with Sean Kennedy’s amazing fast paced bass. With most songs giving of a party vibe – it was evident that their songs were made to be performed live. As they ran through their entire set with the crowd singing along word for word and everybody was having an overall good time. If you haven’t yet seen Deez Nuts live – I wouldn’t hold back.

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