EP Review: Hummer – Budweiser & Butter

Budweiser and Butter


Release Date: 30th March 2018

Label: Horn and Hoof Records

Genre: Punk Rock

Hummer are a punk rock trio from Warrington in Cheshire. Starting as S.F.R. in 2004, they released their first EP in 2016, and Budweiser & Butter is their second attempt. The EP is heavily influenced by American style punk, from the accent-less vocals to the name of the band and EP.

All the songs are very similar, as the band have a style they don’t stray too far from, but they’re unique enough in their own right that they don’t all blend into one. They all contain strong bass usage, loud vocals and fast-paced punk.

The EP starts strong with ‘Daisies‘ which has proper punk vocals and fast instrumentals, but the best part is the chorus with the vocal harmonies and fantastic instrumental work.

The eponymous song ‘Budweiser and Butter‘ is more of the same fast 90s style punk with another stellar chorus which reminds me of the older Green Day and Blink albums.

Hummer’s first single from this EP was track 3, ‘Turpentine‘ and the band describes it as full of their well known guitar licks, bass lines and steady precise drums, which I agree with, as the instrumental work is good (although doesn’t stand out as much as some other songs).

Much like ‘Turpentine‘, the rest of the album just rides the line of ‘okay’, with some good parts like the well produced instrumentals, amazing solos (such as the end of ‘Workahol‘) and some great vocal harmonies. However the EP is not without its flaws, such as the vocals sometimes being overpowered by the backing track, and easily forgettable tracks with no staying power.

The EP is sure to please underground punk rock fans as the 90s US themes bring back nostalgia, but the band won’t create a new renaissance of punk with a middle of the road EP.

Rating: 5.5/10

Recommended Tracks: Daisies & This Won’t End Well For You

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