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Live Review: Milk Teeth, Fangclub & Nervus @ Mama Roux’s Birmingham

On a Tuesday night in Digbeth fans of alternative music were treated to three bands of the highest quality that are all bubbling away under the surface, poised and ready to explode. Mama Roux’s played host to yet another Surprise! You’re Dead promoted event and

Nervus (9) kicked off proceedings with tracks from new album Everything Dies mixed in with their back catalogue. This was the first time I’d seen them but it’s fair to say this band are going places. With such a committed fan base already, combined with an intense stage presence, there doesn’t feel like there’s anything that can’t do. Add into that Paul’s unrestrained dancing and the fact they’re a great bunch of people that truly care about not only their fans but people in general, you have a band that you just can’t take your eyes and ears off. After seeing resident Head Of Podcasts, Paris Fawcett, get up on stage and show off her singing prowess it was time for Nervus to leave us for the evening. Their new album has gained acclaim from nigh on everyone that has heard it. If you haven’t yet and need even more people to tell you how you’re missing out, head here.

Fangclub (7)were up next and started their set with bass so high it was hard to tell what was happening. Three songs came and went and it felt very much like this was just how it was going to be now. Luckily this did not last forever and it seemed as the bass came down and everyone’s trousers stopped vibrating so hard they almost changed on a molecular level the energy on stage went up.

Fangclub were very much the perfect segway between Nervus and Milk Teeth. The riffs were grungier, the performance a bit more theatrical, and with a lead vocalist called Steven King that’s little surprise. As a three piece the heaviness is impressive and the connection with a crowd that didn’t seem overly familiar with the band was good to see. These guys have a bright future.

Milk Teeth (9) flew out of the blocks with tracks from their recent pair of EPs and Vile Child and this lead Becky and co to declare the Birmingham show ‘show of the year’. I mean it’s only April but that’s still pretty cool.

The band ooze talent, from Becky’s bass through to Oli’s drumming there isn’t an element that lets the band down. Live on a mid sized stage this is even more element. There’s nowhere for any of them four to hide and this brings out each of their strongest characteristics. Throughout the set lead guitarist Chris Webb sings along with the crowd and encourages them to keep up the energy that, at this show at least, needed to merely be acknowledged. Most of all during ‘Kabuki’ where it would be easy for the crowd to drift off. None of that here though as a singalong atop shoulders happened.

As the set went on and on and banger after banger kept coming and coming it left the final few tracks before ‘Owning Your Okayness’ lacking the crowd interaction that made the first 40 minutes so enjoyable. Another album or EP and those gaps can be filled with even more hits, meaning a Milk Teeth headline show will be enough to leave you out of action for a few days as they thrive on the energy that bounces back to them. Circle pits and walls of death are a way of life for these punks and with tracks like ‘Nearby Catfight’, ‘Brain Food’ and ‘Owning Your Okayness’ there’s no limit to where Milk Teeth can go. For now it’s supporting Lower Than Atlantis. See you there!

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Nervus: Facebook |Twitter | Instagram

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Milk Teeth: Facebook|Twitter | Instagram

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