Album Review: Twingiant – Mass Driver

769498Release Date: 16th March 2018

Label: Sludgelord Records

Genre: Metal

Twingiant are a self-proclaimed ‘loud and heavy band’ from Arizona, USA. Founded in 2010, the four-piece are back with the reissue of their 2012 release, Mass Driver.

The preface to Mass Driver comes in the form of Abduction. Opening with a discorded riff that drones throughout the track, the depth grows as more instrumental is added, giving an ominous forbidding tone to the song. This then builds into the stronger, stomping beat of ‘Awake In The Hull which trudges on achingly with strikingly sludgy vocals. Met with a grave change in tone, the slower tempo lends itself towards a stoner-sludge sound. Complimented with the harmonic guitar lick resonating through to the end, this rounds off the track wonderfully.

Adrift In Space brings a bold opening and more upbeat tone than its predecessors. With a strong beat which remains constant throughout the track, this marks the progression from contented headbangers to moshing marvels. The big sound of this song is sure to fuel anyone’s fire live.

The transmission prologue at the beginning of H.I.S.M is a clear indicator of the punishing track which surpasses the 6-minute mark that is to ensure. With a stomping riff that carries for almost two minutes before the rest of the instrumental is injected, you are instantly set up for a long drive which is sequelled in Pale Blue Dot. This is another song which breaks the 6-minute barrier.

With the customary bold bass line and gruelling guitar that lumbers on, finally comes the lyricless conclusion and self-titled track, Mass Driver, that provides the final punch to round off the album.

Overall, this is an album that separates the boys from the men. It’s hard, it’s heavy, it’s sludgy, but it doesn’t go into overkill and does manage to retain rhythm throughout – that’s what really gives Mass Driver its gusto. My only criticism is that the sound is somewhat repetitive, but this really isn’t a domineering issue as it works so well for Twingiant. This is ultimately a solid album and proves that Twingiant should be a staple in any metalhead’s music collection.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Track: Awake In The Hull

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