Album Review: Turbowolf – The Free Life

cover_1504178721296504.jpgRelease Date: 9th March 2018

Label: So Recordings

Genre: No

They’re back! The band that sound so unique I’m not even going to bother patronising anyone by inventing some new genre for them. It’s been 7 years, I think we can all just admit it’s rock of some sort. Regardless of whether you’re willing to do that, The Free Life is Turbowolf‘s third studio album and it might just be the best of the trio so far.

From the opening of ‘No No No’ it’s plain to hear that this is still Turbowolf being Turbowolf. They’ve grown and developed but the band that dropped ‘A Rose For The Crows’ all those years ago is still this one, it’s just a better version of that band.

The hazy riffs are present throughout and they’re the most obvious thing to talk about first. From ‘No No No’ through to ‘the Free Life’ there’s barely a track without a chunky piece of guitar work to get your teeth into. The opening of ‘Capital X’ feels like so many Turbowolf songs before it and yet fresh at the same time. This goes for the full track – it’s fun and familiar but played back to back with any of their previous songs and it still feels as new as it. ‘Halfsecret’ comes along later on and the wave like flow to it combined with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath style vocal during the verses make it unlike anything out there right now.

One thing it would be impossible for me to ignore would be some of the collaborations on the album, with 4 of the 11 tracks featuring a guest. ‘Domino’ featuring Royal Blood’s Mike Kerr is a strong track, though Mike’s vocals don’t quite have the same depth to them as Chris Georgiadis’. The real gem of the guest tracks is ‘Very Bad’ featuring Vodun’s Chantal Brown. Her soulful voice adds a new element to what is an intense track, despite only being used sparingly.

So Turbowolf have done it again. 11 tracks of absorbing rock tinged with so much else that it’s ridiculous. The talent just oozes out of each track and the fact there are so many different elements on show emphasises how impressive a band they are. I cannot wait to see these tracks brought to life on stage.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended Tracks: Very Bad & Halfsecret

Order The Free Life here and keep up to date with Turbowolf on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube.

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