MNN Presents: The Battle Of The Bands Podcast – Heat 1

Welcome to Heat 1 of the MNN Presents: Battle Of The Bands podcast.

Each month two heats will feature singles from four bands all going head to head for your votes. The winner and runner up of each heat go into the monthly final and have the chance to win some great prizes from Vocalzone, Moomin Merchandise and Byron’s Yard. Each monthly winner goes in to our annual final in December where they can win a PR campaign from FatAngel PR, a paid gig, their single created on vinyl and some great merch.

That’s enough reading though, listen to Heat 1 here:

Voting is now closed on this Heat. The results are here:

Good luck to the bands that have entered. You can connect with them here:

Kavanagh – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Nano – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website | YouTube

In My Room – Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp

Grand Ultra – Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website | YouTube

In a band? You can still enter the competition by heading here.

You can subscribe to our podcasts through Anchor.fm/mnnreviews. Doing this will keep you up to date with all of the BOTB Heats and monthly finals as well as our upcoming Weekly Review Round Up shows.

Finally, our eternal thanks go out to the sponsors of this competition:


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