EP Review: The Final Clause of Tacitus – Not Like The Rest

Not Like The Rest

Not Like The RestRelease Date: 9th February 2018

Genres: Funk, Rap, Nu Metal

I could pretty much just describe this band using the word ‘funky’ 300 times, but I have a feeling it wouldn’t make good reading. TFCOT (because I refuse to retype that name) have created a bass-slapping, body-moving, funky masterpiece that came out of the blue for me. With a name like that and an album cover with low quality, I wasn’t expecting much, but I got a funky surprise with this hybrid album which sounds like a mix of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Crazytown and even a bit of Rage Against The Machine in there.

The album was originally partially funded on Kickstarter, only recieving £75 from 5 backers, but still managed to be released earlier this month. The 6 track EP clocks in at an impressive 25 minutes long, with over half the songs being over 4:30 in length. The hybrid of bands shows in some songs, such as ‘Try Again (Or Don’t)‘ where the end sounds like ‘Killing In The Name Of‘ or like in ‘Tables Turn‘ where the bass sounds Flea-like.

The EP is very bass-heavy, but this works very well with their funky style, with slight infusions of metal and rock in some songs and verses. Their last song ‘Walk On The Moon’ is almost half and half with random metalcore vocals thrown in over the bass slapping backing track, but, and I don’t know how, this works. The funk is almost hypnotic throughout all the songs and I didn’t want to stop listening.

As the songs do reach up to 5 minutes long, they do get quite repetative, even in the shorter songs, as they repeat the chorus a lot of times, like in ‘Bad For Your Health‘. This doesn’t ruin the song as they switch up the sounds to keep it from droning on, but feels very un-creative.

I can see myself listening to the album again, and easily suggesting it to some of my friends. I also see great things coming from the band, and I can see them improving with each album and becoming the funk masters.


Recommended Track: Try Again (Or Don’t)

Rating: 8/10

Facebook: TFCOT

Twitter: tfcotband

Youtube: The Final Clause of Tacitus

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