Album Review: Break And Enter – The Call Of The Void

23472236_717197751820923_7329544735087134779_nRelease Date: 12th January 2018

Label: Self-Released

Genre: Melodic-Hardcore

Nashville, Tennessee probably isn’t exactly where you’d expect to hear a melodic-hardcore band comes from. Usually geared more towards the Country scene, the area has seen the likes of Saliva rise up from just down the road, but on the scale of Country to Saliva, Break And Enter are far and away the heaviest thing worth listening to from the area.

The debut album from these guys is everything you look for in a band that is pushing the boundaries on how heavy melodic-hardcore can be. At just 30 minutes, one of those being an extravagant intro, you get about as much bang for your buck as you could hope to for half an hour…legally at least.

‘Cataclysm’ kicks off the album in truth and the venom being spat is a true punch to the gut. Vocally every word is as clear as it is angered. You immediately get the feeling this band mean business, they aren’t in the scene cause it’s cool, they mean it. ‘Burn’ follows and it’s even heavier. Both of these opening tracks are full blooded hardcore tracks at heart, but the groove at heart makes you want to mosh as much as it does just stand there and headbang so hard you get whiplash.


‘Sticks And Stones’ follows and feels like Architects with more breakdowns and less “blegh”. Our first clean vocals compliment the more frequent and harsher vocals really well and despite being a bit of a surprise first time you feel comfortable with them nigh on immediately.  The “blegh” arrives on ‘The Call Of The Void’ and

As an album The Call Of The Void is up there with the best hardcore albums in 2018 and recent years. It’s heavy throughout, but melodic enough to keep those not normally interested in hardcore listening. The stall is set out within seconds of the opening and it does not relent for 30 pounding minutes.

Rating: 8/10

Recommended Tracks: Burn & The Reaper

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