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Live Review: Good Tiger @ Bucks SU


I didn’t have to travel far to try my hand at my first live review, as Good Tiger came to my uni’s Student’s Union!

Good Tiger are a supergroup formed from 4 different ex-band members. There’s Elliot Coleman – formally the bassist of Sky Eats Airplane and lead singer of TesseracT, Joaquin Ardiles and Derya Nagle – both previous The Safety Fire members, Alex Rüdinger – formally of The Faceless and Threat Signal, and also currently with Conquering Dystopia (plus a bunch others), and Morgan Sinclair – formally of Zoax and a touring member of Architects, and currently of My Project Ghost.

They were opened by Atlas : Empire, who played a 30 minute set to start off the evening. The band sounded a bit Like Bring Me The Horizon, but with more focus on the instruments and less screaming. The band played very well, and you could tell they had played together for a long time as the instruments glued well together, and the vocalist provided some good singing and screaming. Also they were amazingly Scottish, as my favourite part of their set was their accents in-between songs!

Good Tiger started off with a slow instrumental which then boomed into a louder chorus, with the lead singer sounding like Conor from Nothing But Thieves [NBT]. These strong vocals stayed around for all the songs, and showcased to me how impressive Elliot (the vocalist) is.

The guitars, drums and bass were good in all the songs in the night, but they didn’t have the same stage presence as the opening act. The only time I didn’t like the instruments was in the first song where the cymbals felt out of beat.

Out of the ~9 songs they played during the night, the last two were my favourite. Salt Of The Earth and Where Are The Birds both had amazing vocal work, especially at the end of a long set, with the latter song having some exceptional instrumental work. In this song, it started off very indie, but then a super heavy bass joined in which paired well with the drums, and then the guitar.

Good Tiger are a very headbangable band, who are friendly inbetween songs and showcased some impressive talents with their respective roles in the band. There was at least one point in the night where I made note of how good a band member was at their instrument, so obviously they’re doing something right!



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