Album Review: Vinide – Reveal

KANSI_FINAL_2400x2400 2Vinide – Reveal

Release Date: 26th January 2018

Label: Inverse Recocrds

Vinide are a symphonic metal band that hail from Finland. Their latest album will be available from Friday the 28th January.

The album kicks off with Intro, a little spooky and somewhat spacey sounding beginning to a lengthy 15 track album. This leads us into The Beginning Scene, complete with strong instrumentals and a powerful set of vocals. Like other songs throughout the album, this song features some dramatic opera vocals. Track 3, Breakout, brings a repetitive and fast instrumental beat, as well as some added backing chants.

Reveal, the album’s 4th song shows a soft beat throughout with an instrumental pick up towards the end. Anger is one of a few short tracks made up of dramatic spoken vocals. The Rat, complete with a heavy and fast pace beat, is a catchy and appealing song including more operatic vocals.

Track 7, Plea, is another short and spoken vocals one, creating a further dramatic effect. Emanuel, the 8th song on the album, includes a heavy intro, a catchy beat and slightly sci-fi sounding tune which can also be heard throughout the entire album. The Truth is another spoken vocal track complete with some eerie background music.

The Plan is the longest song on the album and shows the symphonic side to Vinide’s music. Believe, track 11, is another heavy song with an upbeat and catchy chorus, complete with powerful instrumentals. Track 12, The Bombs, features an intro perfect for having a little headbang to.

Another Dimension shows a spoken vocal intro, as well as a symphonic beat and some more opera vocals. The Great Voyage, the album’s 14th track, includes a set of strong vocals, symphonic undertones and dramatic instrumentals. Reveal concludes with Save The Earth, featuring the last of the album’s spoken and operatic vocals, going out on a high.

Overall, this album includes a variation of vocals and instruments, different tunes and beats, and really shows off the talent that Vinide have. The influences of this album could be compared to many other bands, however Vinide have made their material entirely their own, from the different guitar riffs and drum beats combined with the opera vocals. This is a heavy and overly dramatic album and listeners can rest assure that they will be left excited for further music from this band in the future.

Recommended Track: The Great Voyage

Rating: 7/10

If you want to hear more of Vinide, take a look at the following links:

Website: http://www.vinide.com/

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/vinideofficial/

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