QUEEN KWONG Announce New Album “Love Me To Death”

Today sees the return of Queen Kwong with news of a brand new album “Love Me To Death” and the premiere of the first self-titled track.  The brainchild of uber-talented multi-instrumentalist Carré Callaway, “Love Me To Death” is the first release from the brilliant forthcoming album of the same title. As with every Queen Kwong release to date, the songs on Love Me To Death were all improvised, in LA with longtime collaborator/producer Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line).

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Originally slated to be called On The Mend,  Carré hanged the title when she realised that wasn’t the case at all. Instead of pretending to be something she wasn’t, she decided instead to embrace what – and who – she was.

I’m not on the mend,” she laughs. “In fact, I think I was in a better place at the beginning of the record than I was at the end. I’ve struggled with mental health issues my entire life. And when you’re writing and recording something, you’re really bringing to light things that you’re trying to otherwise keep hidden within yourself. You try not to think about these things in order to be okay and then when you’re recording you’re constantly having to bring them up and feel it.”

“Love Me To Death” Is Out February 23rd on Edison Sound

Pre-orders for the album are available here

Watch the video for the title track “Love Me To Death” here


Album Track Listing:

1. Love Me To Death

2. One Lung

3. Fools Gold

4. Raptures

5. The Happiest Place

6. Third World Girl

7. White Whine

8. Prehistoric Blues

9. On The Mend

10. Old Faithful

11. Sun of Life

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