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Album Review: Calligram – Askesis

Calligram AskesisCalligram – Askesis

Release Date: 24 November 2017

Label: Basick Records

Genre: Black metal

Calligram is a multinational black metal band that are based in London. They have just brought upon their world their six track, half hour, LP ‘Askesis’ and it is a knock-out from the start.

                Opening track ‘Della Mancanza’ has powerful vocals that penetrate your eardrums immediately and this immense onslaught is continued throughout the record without ceasing. Coupled with its incredible riffs, this is a perfect song for the pits and is the true stand-out song on the album.

                Next is ‘Sinking Into Existence’ which is a beautiful blend of both chilling and mellow before ‘Scourge’ brings a different sound to its predecessors, but don’t be fooled as it’s ferocity is not comptimised by any means.

                Two shorter songs, ‘Murderess’ and ‘Entwined’,  follow this and the former of those is much needed in providing a brief hiatus before the powerful strike continues. In the fifth track ‘Entwined’, we then plummet back into their fantastic control of the hardcore and heavy.

                Finally, we are left with ‘Lament’ which will leave you doing such after the track and album concludes. This song’s atmospheric aura and slow crescendo before the hard-hitting end build up the grand finale of this musical masterpiece and leave the listener longing for more, reflecting on what they had just experienced.

                Overall, ‘Askesis’ is an incredible LP which shows the immense potential of this band. If Calligram can maintain this great power and rawness in a longer and full album, then Calligram truly will be a band you will not want to miss. A fantastic effort which leaves us greatly anticipating their next release already.

Rating: 8.5/10

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