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Live Review: Cradle Of Filth at the O2 Academy, Oxford.

Cradle Of Filth came back to the UK to do another headline tour with special guests Savage Messiah.

Savage Messiah came onto stage after about 20 minutes of doors opening. The band came on and vocalist Dave Silver gave a small intro before the band kicked off their set. The band had released their new album Hands Of Fate just a week or so prior to the show. They played a mixture of old and new material and got the crowd going, you really felt as if you were included in something which was a great feeling and I highly recommend checking the band out and trying to see them if they play near you. The band gives off an eerie vibe through their music throughout their performance which adds to atmosphere of the performers. Dave got the whole crowd involved throughout their set, there were hands flying in the air and headbanging constantly, until their set unfortunately drew to a close.

Before the band even came onstage you could tell that you were going to be in for a surprise just by the set up of the stage. Dani Filth is known to have the most intricate and unusual mic stands and he did not let us down this time with an amazing mic stand pictured below.

Photo by @jpc91photography on Instagram.
Photo by @jpc91photography on Instagram.

I decided to perch myself near the side in a corner so I could have a good view over everyones heads whilst waiting for the band to come on. The venue filled up pretty quickly and the crowd started to form in front of the stage, it was patch jackets galore in there so I really felt at a proper metal gig. The music played as we waited after Savage Messiah for Cradle Of Filth to come on. The music paused and the lights began to dim and we all knew what was coming, on comes Lindsay Schoolcraft taking her place at the keyboard. She was followed by Martin Skaroupka on drums, Daniel Firth on Bass, Richard Shaw and Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda on guitar and finally joined by Dani Filth doing vocals.

Now I’m not sure if you’ve ever listened to Cradle Of Filth before but I have for quite a while and I can tell you now, I was blown away by the quality of music this band plays live. They opened with the song Gilded Cunt which was from their 2004 album Nymphetamine which everyone appeared to know and there was hair flying everywhere throughout the song. Dani’s screams were on point for every single song they played I have never been so shocked at how a band can sound exactly the same live as they do on record, the only thing I do regret was not wearing earplugs to protect my ear drums from the glass-breaking screams. At the end of every song the room filled with devil horns up in the air. Another thing to shock me was Lindsay’s vocals in lot of their songs, all instruments would come to a halt and we would all be graced with her vocals which I can only really compare to what I guess would be sang by opera singers. It’s a great surprise and contrast in their songs and added to the atmosphere of the gig and made if feel even greater when the instruments came back into play. The band played solidly from about 9pm till around 10:30pm which personally, I thought would’ve meant that they would start to deteriorate nearer the other half of the set but I was proven extremely wrong by the band. Cradle Of Filth played at the same quality throughout the whole set and it left me gobsmacked, the respect for them is unreal, not once did they lack energy during the performance. An absolute 10/10 show.

The combination of both bands created an amazing atmosphere throughout the show and in my opinion they should play together again. Nothing can even begin to compare how amazing it felt to be there. I honestly recommend you go see them when they play near you.

Check out my interview with Dave Silver from Savage Messiah here.

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