EP Review: Kill The Ideal – Self-Titled

KILLTHEIDEAL_EP2Kill The Ideal – Self-Titled

Release Date:  17th October 2017

Label: Independent Release

The Alt-rock trend that seemed to appear a few years ago feels like it is reaching the end of its peak with bands like Mallory Knox starting to plateau in terms of quality of output and venues the play at. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any legs left in the genre though and Kill The Ideal are hoping they’ve got what it takes to give one big last push.

The 6 track EP released in October by Boston trio Kill The Ideal kicks off with ‘Dangerous!’, a storming 3 minute track with some catchy riffs and a chorus that will have you singing along on your first listen. From there there is little holding back with ‘Crazy’, the lead single from the EP, following up in a similar but slightly more moody fashion. The bassline here is huge and the chorus has feelings of Fozzy, but with a bit more vocal expertise on show.

‘My Life’ and ‘Spotlight’ make up the middle of the EP and showcase two very different elements of Kill The Ideal. ‘My Life’ feels more like the two openers whereas ‘Spotlight’ has a more pop like feel to it. It’s softer, though the lyrics have a darker feel to them. ‘Indecisive’ cranks the pace back up and the riffs get dirtier again. This track emphasises the vocal strength in the band with both main and backing vocals being huge.

‘Know Your Name’ is the final track on the EP and closes out with a mixture of everything that has come before it. It is the final piece of 6 of the very strongest songs that have been released this year. Kill The Ideal were quiet for a couple of years but this self-titled record has catapulted them back into the fore. There’s plenty more to come from these guys if this is the standard they’re going to stick to.

Recommended Track: Indecisive

Rating: 9/10

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