Album Review: COPE – Tooth & Nail

Cope Tooth & Nail Cover ArtCOPE – Tooth & Nail

Release Date: 13th October 2017

Label: Self-Released

COPE have described themselves as a “5 piece punk/hardcore/riff cocktail, based in the heart of London”, and their newest release, 6 song EP ‘Tooth & Nail’, proves this right.

The drums come crashing in during their first song ‘Stray Bullets’, which has a good instrumental beat and lyrics that rise above the backing track. There is great harmonising in the chorus, and in terms of lyrics, they show reflection to problems in modern day society, including war and racism. The song is short but sweet, and describes the rest of the EP in under 2 minutes.

The eponymous second song ‘Tooth & Nail’ also has a loud, crashing intro, leading into the same style as the last song, of deep lyrics in the lyrics and a catchy chorus.

The title of the next song ‘Neo Nasty’ pretty much speaks for itself, and shows that COPE aren’t afraid to speak up for their beliefs. There’s a headbang worthy post-chorus breakdown and a strong message, and it has quickly made it onto my playlist.

The drum roll brings us to the next song, ‘Many Faces’. The first verse was good, but the catchy chorus is what made me like this song. Over a strong drum-heavy backing track, this is one song I could imagine shouting to in a mosh!

Track 5, ‘Populism’, starts with a strong instrumental intro and contains an awesome bass solo after the first chorus. Apart from that, it doesn’t stand out much, and I think will be skipped over a few times when I re-listen to the EP.

Finally, the last song ‘The Great Divide’, is amazing, being the metaphorical cherry on top of the cake! It has a good intro, shoutable lyrics, and a fantastic instrumental, and I can see myself listening to this again!

Overall, this album was an excellent effort with a cocktail of genres producing an album with some strong messages of love and respect, and some memorable instrumentals.

Recommended Track: Stray Bullets

Rating: 7/10

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