Album Review: The By Gods – Move on

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The By Gods – Move on

Release Date: 20th October

Label: Unsigned

Do you like the 90’s? Do you like rock music?. The Nashville trio The By Gods are releasing their 4th album Move On, and if you liked the things above, this is definitely an album for you.

The opening self-titled track Move On is a bit of a slow burner, and builds gradually around one main central riff. Its big and loud, and is a good showcase of what to expect next. Second track Never Know is a more fast-paced, with catchy riffs and lyrics, and sounds like it could have come straight from Nirvana.

90’s alternative rock is definitely the main influence here, but alternative rock is a wide spectrum.  With influences ranging from Joy Divison to Nirvana, it’s to the band’s credit that they manage to keep things varied by on an album of this length. Track 9 Bitter Life has a post-punk feel to it, and track 7 Silver Line invokes Hum at their best. It’s these variations and the bands own personality that keeps Moving on from sounding like a nineties throwback to something relevant to today.


That track Silver Line, happens to be the best song on the album. The main riff and bass sound huge, and on a record littered with great choruses, this is by far the standout and will be stuck in your head for days. The bass is a particular highlight throughout the album, sounding heavy and high up in the mix it provides the perfect backbone.

From a band that was unknown to me, By the Gods have released one of the surprise hits of the year. If there is any justice they will get a lot more notice from this release, as the quality really shines through. Check out this band.


Reccomended Track: Silver Line

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