Harbour Sharks Release Politically Charged Single ‘False Flags’

When governments disregard their citizens for their own greed, the music scene usually fronts the charge, voicing the repressed frustrations of the people. Harbour Sharks have risen to this with their new single ‘False Flags’.

A politically charged glimpse into a murky corner of Harbour Sharks psyche, with hushed shoulder-shuffle beats and infectious, echoing riffs, ‘False Flags’ bursts straight out of the gate. Packed with chugging guitars, foot stomping riffs and topical lyrics, the track sees Harbour Sharks slam the tabloid press, and urge listeners to ask questions of the media and their obscene coverage of global terrorist activity.

Speaking of False Flags, Harbour Sharks explain the motivation for the new track:
“False Flags was written in response to the ongoing terror attacks in the Western world and in particular how the information is handled by the media and it’s subsequent audience. The message is to be sceptical, think critically and remind people that we are expendable pawns when it comes to war and profit.

Harbour Sharks burst onto the scene in 2015 with the release of debut single ‘Alive To Survive’. Now, the time has come for Harbour Sharks to take the next step in their musical journey; which will see the Kingston three piece unleash their debut album ‘A History Of Violence‘. This eagerly awaited debut will be released on the 27th of October, you can pre-order now here.

Want to know more about ‘A History Of Violence’, Harbour Sharks have this to say:

“We are very excited to release our debut album A History of Violence. These songs are riffy, aggressive and have big choruses. This album reflects the personal struggles we’ve been through the last few years and also how we feel about the divides in our society. We’ve been influenced by metal, hardcore and pop-punk which is evident throughout the album and we can’t wait to play these songs live.

a history

A History Of Violence’ tracklisting:
1. False Flags
2. The Killer Inside Me
3. It’s Not Working Out
4. Swing Away Merrill
5. A History Of Violence
6. Don’t Say Revenge
7. Vulva
8. Shatter
9. Burn Down London
10. Abandon All Hope

Formed in 2015, Harbour Sharks have created a unique sound incorporating big guitar riffs, groove-laden drum beats and melodic vocals. The band have spent two years perfecting their sound, writing music and playing live shows across the UK.

Born from the minds of vocalist Jack Morris and guitarist Rob Rees, Harbour Sharks ambition is to impact the British rock music scene with their crushing blend of riffs fused between punk and metalcore and reflective lyrics of the lower middle class.

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