The Get Happy Tour 2018 Presents: Bowling For Soup!

Looking back to the late 00’s, fans of pop punk, punk rock and ska will fondly remember The Get Happy Tour; Bowling For Soup’s touring package that brought together bands like The Bloodhound Gang, Zebrahead and Army Of Freshmen, and of course Bowling For Soup themselves. Now, a decade on from the original Get Happy Tour, Bowling For Soup are delighted to announce The Get Happy Tour 2018!

In bringing The Get Happy Tour back to the UK, Bowling For Soup have decided to give their fans what they’ve been asking for for many years. For the very first time, Bowling For Soup will perform their smash hit breakthrough album Drunk Enough To Dance in its entirety. Fans have been clamouring for a Drunk Enough To Dance “anniversary” tour ever since the album turned ten back in 2012, and now the time has come.

With the hit singles Punk Rock 101, Emily and Girl All The Bad Guys Want, as well as longtime fan favourites like Cold Shower Tuesdays and Runnin’ From Your Dad, Drunk Enough To Dance is the album that brought Bowling For Soup to the fore in the early 00’s pop punk scene, a scene where they’ve remained favourites ever since.

So, where and when can you catch them? This handy poster gives you all the information you could possibly want:

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Joining Bowling For Soup as special guests on the new Get Happy Tour will be US rock superheroes The Aquabats! Being renown for a brilliant, comedic live show, The Aquabats! style makes them ideal touring partners for Bowling For Soup. The Aquatbats! invite you all to join their band of costume clad crime fighters in the pursuit of all things radness as they head to the UK for the first time in five years as part of Get Happy 2018.

Opening up the 2018 Get Happy Tour will be original Get Happy Tour alumni Army Of Freshmen. Celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band, Army of Freshmen want to celebrate this notable achievement in style, and are also planning to play one of their most popular albums in full by performing Under The Radar from start to finish.

Get Happy 2018 is set to be an exciting time for everyone, and possibly the most excited person of all is Bowling For Soup’s own Jaret Reddick! Here are his thoughts on reviving The Get Happy Tour:

“I’m super excited to be announcing this tour! GET HAPPY is 11 years old! That’s just crazy! And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than bringing it back, with Army of Freshmen from the original lineup and adding The Aquabats! on to make it even happier! Now I need to get back to relearning all of the Drunk Enough To Dance songs!!!”

Find Bowling For Soup online:
Pledge www.drunkdynasty.com
Tw @BFSRocks
Fb – https://www.facebook.com/bowlingforsoup
YTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/bowlingforsouptv
Insta – https://instagram.com/bfs_official
Website – http://www.bowlingforsoup.com
UK store – https://bowlingforsoup.probitymerch.com

Bowling For Soup:
Jaret Reddick
Guitar and vocals
Chris Burney
Erik Chandler
Bass and backing vocals
Gary Wiseman
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