EP Review: Huxtable – Change Shape Future

unnamed (4)Huxtable – Change Shape Future

Release Date: 29th September 2017

Label: Self-Release

The rise of the two-piece has been going on for a few years now. Royal Blood certainly weren’t the first, but they’re the ones to blame for the abundance of two-pieces out there at the moment. This isn’t a bad thing mind, especially in Huxtable‘s case as for the most part you can barely even tell there’s just the two of them.

Opening with ‘Don’t Do Anything Fancy,’ this EP sets it’s stall out early with a sound like a more reigned in QOTSA. The track is riffier than you’d expect and feels like it has more layers than two humans could naturally provide. There are similarities to Royal Blood from the pacing of the tracks to the vocal styles, again not a bad thing on the whole.

It would be easy for Huxtable to try and be a complete carbon copy of Royal Blood. Their formula is there for all to see, ‘Super Toxic’ comes up next and shows that they certainly aren’t going to be following that path. This track has more in common with Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes initially, though the venom of his tracks certainly isn’t there and the subject matter isn’t quite as poignant.

Break It Hard is the standout track on the EP. It just sounds bigger throughout it’s 3 minutes. Vocally it is the strongest of the five, feeling more Bad Sign than Twin Atlantic which can only be a good thing. The pair have written 5 tracks here that fit in to today’s alternative musical culture a treat. It isn’t revolutionary, but not everything has to be. It’s certainly worth 20 minutes of your life though.

Rating: 7/10 – A solid EP that should see the boys raise their profile

Recommended Track: Break It Hard

Huxtable are:

Jordan Yates – Guitar/Vocals
Marc William Brown – Drums/Harmonies

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