Poltinmerkki Release New Official Lyric Videos

Finnish Metal band ‘Poltinmerkki’ bring you their two latest tracks in English for the very first time!

‘High stream’ and ‘All-out Free Fall’ were recorded in Kotka, Finland before being mastered in Chartmakers Recording Studios, Finland.

Poltinmerkki have a ‘Industrial’ sound; think Rammstein or Marilyn Manson. The difference between these guys is Poltinmerkki is, they will force you to think deeper about life and your life’s journey. They aren’t just another metal band, here for some light theatrics and performance or here to sing superficial cliched lyrics about ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’.
The band say: “Each of us carries his own load, own weakness, own sin, own mark which cannot be removed. Our music handles questions, which every one of us will consider at some point in our journey.”

Poltinmerkki have been around in one form or another since 2002. However, in 2009  some band members suffered a tragedy outside of the band which completley changed the dynamics of the band and it’s delievery, becoming much heavier which you can check out in the two songs below.

‘High stream’ can be viewed here:

All-out freefall can be viewed here:

Both songs are due to be on the up-coming album. Details TBC.


Keep up to date with Poltinmerkki here:

Official Website: http://poltinmerkki.com/?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poltinmerkki

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Poltinmerkki_PM




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