Interview with Skywalker

Hi it’s great to meet you guys, how are you?

Hey, nice to meet you too! We’re fine! On say 5 of our current run of gigs all across the UK. Good times!

How have you been celebrating the release of your new EP Sugarhouse?

We threw a proper release show, that was nice, we had just about 500 people attend, so that was amazing. Other than that, we’ve been playing some of the new tunes on both the EU and UK tours. That makes us happy because they’ve brightened up the setlist.

What were your main influences when writing for the album?

I think at the beginning, we wanted to aim for a more UK-sounding thing. We’ve always enjoyed the raw nature of it, bands like Blood Youth, Architects, While She Sleeps, Create to Inspire. We also wanted to include some solid post-hardcore vibes such as Underoath or Silverstein, and obviously, Seb Barlow (producer) was a huge influence in terms of the pop punk choruses, so we absolutely must mention Neck Deep.

Do you have any favourite tracks from the release?

My absolute favourite is Sugar, both lyrically and musically. I needed that one to come out just to stay sane, haha.

Which tracks are your favourite to play live?

That’d be Sugar again, but we also play Blood and Caffeine, and it’s sick. The structure of these new songs is much better built up so they’re a bit more challenging, which only makes them all the more fun to play.

You are coming to the end of a big tour spanning across Europe, what were your favourite shows and why?

Perhaps the peak of the Euro part was a packed show on a boat in Lyon, France. Or a massive venue in Nuremberg literally filled with people. I also enjoyed peope climbing on top of my head whilst singing along in Vienna, haha. In the UK, we were amazed by the response of kids in Birmingham last night. I love how closely they relate to the lyrics, so having them sing along to the whole songs rather than a bunch of phrases is so rewarding.

Are there any venues or towns you hope to play in the future?

I hear there are some sick punk rock shows in Bournemouth and Southampton. I’d love to return to Manchester and play Liverpool again. Liverpool is my home, I lived there for some time and would absolutely adore to smash a gig there!

What does the future hold for Skywalker following Sugarhouse?

After we’ve got to Prague, we wanna start writing/demoing right away. We have some cool ideas and we don’t wanna waste time. We have a Czechoslovakia headline tour scheduled for the winter, and a lot in the works. We’ll do some more music videos for the current records as well. So we’ll be active on multiple fronts.

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