Album Review: Arch Enemy – Will To Power

Arch Enemy Album Art

Band/ Album:    Arch Enemy/Will to Power


Release Date:    8th September


Label:    Century Media


Melodic Death Metal Beasts Arch Enemy have thrown the gauntlet down for all metal music lovers this year with their new record Will To Power. I had a listen to it and I enjoyed it. However, I didn’t love it, I think this may be down to me having incredibly high expectations from a band that helped shape Melodic Death Metal into what it is today.

Whether they have gone for a more power metal feel or something with this one I don’t know, it just felt different to their previous releases. I think the aggression has left their music. I am a huge Arch Enemy fan, so was a little disappointed by this. The vocals are great, but the riffs are not a step forward in my opinion. Which is weird right? Perhaps this is me expecting more from Loomis and Amott, who are in all aspects of playing, incredible guitarists.

There are a few stand out tracks on the album which drew my attention like The World is Yours and The Eagle Flies Alone, but it was hard to pick out anything incredible on the album. Every album previous had those few tracks which were world beaters. But not this one. Maybe I’m being too harsh, I don’t know. Maybe I expected more from a band that were influential to me growing up.

Nevertheless, as metal albums go it’s a good album…it’s just not Arch Enemy at their best in my opinion.


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