Album Review: Brutal Youth – Sanguine

BrutalYouth-Sanguine_12InJacket.inddBrutal Youth – Sanguine

Release Date: 25th August 2017

Label: Gunner Records

You can do a lot in two minutes. You can undercook an egg, come up with a belated come back to that insult your co-worker pinged your way last week or you can listen to a Brutal Youth track. I know what I’d rather be doing….but Mark’s zinger will have to wait, I’m listening to Brutal Youth right now.

Most 14 track albums would be looking to set you back an hour if not more, Sanguine manages to pack everything you could want from a punk rock album into little over 20 minutes. With track lengths ranging from 1:04 to 3:04 it isn’t all verse-chorus-verse done. Whitewall doesn’t even feel like it has any of those elements, it’s a track that has a pacey bassline and vocals that are destined to be shouted back at the band at every show.

It would seem hypocritical to ramble on for pages and pages about this album so I shan’t. If you’re a fan of punk rock then the forceful vocals, punchy guitars and fun basslines on show here are everything you’ve been looking for. If you’re not normally a fan of punk rock….well you may as well give this a go. Not like it’ll take up much of your day!

Rating: 8/10

Recommended tracks: Whiteway, Thick as Theives

Brutal Youth are:
Patty O’Lantern – Vocals
Molotov Kyle – Bass
DC – Drums
Greg – Guitar

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