Interview with Russkaja

It’s impossible to turn down the chance to speak to a band who are as interesting and creative as Austria’s Russkaja. After reviewing the album and enjoying it so much it was a no brainer. Hope you enjoy:

Hey, how are you guys doing?

Hello dear friends in UK! We are alright! No, very exited about the release today! Tomorrow we play on Wacken Open Air – we are all very excited!

Your album is out, how excited are you for the world to hear it?

Very on one side and we don’t care on the other! Of course we would like everybody to like us, but this will never happen so we try not to think a lot about how the people like us, we care how we like the songs and we are looking forward to play them live!

How would you say you’ve developed since Peace, Love & Russian Roll?

On the new album we have a bit more diversity in musical way, we have different languages, it is a step forward on the way to the top!

Did you do anything different when writing and recording this album to previous albums?

Not this time, we recorded in the same studio, because we liked the workflow there, we repeated the producing workflow again: mixing, mastering. The only other thing – I had some more partners by composing the lyrics, to have them right in japanese, italian, spanish languages.

What’s your favourite track from the album?

Which child do you like more? It is difficult to say, but I like the Italian Song „Mare Mare“, the Spanish „La music es nuestra religion“ and I like the German hit: „Volle Kraft voraus“.

Your style draws on so many influences, what kind of music do you guys listen to outside of the band?

Very, very different, from reaggae to classic, from russian romances to hardcore metal, Pantera, Tchaikovsky, Bob Marley, Sex Pistols!

Will you be making it to the UK to support this album? It seems the jump across the channel is a big one for many European bands.

With big pleasure if our partners would organize it. We played in UK on some festivals – people was great and liked our stuff!

If you do make it over, are there any British bands you’d love to tour with?

I have to check some out, please send me some Names!

Finally, what do you think is the greatest song ever written?

Bohemian Rhapsody! I am big Queen Fan!

Thanks very much for taking the time to do this. Any closing words?

Dear People, do not always believe what you read in media, trust more your eyes, be respectful to each other! Think of collectivity! Have peace and freedom at your home!
Thank you! Wish you and your readers good health and all the best!

Russkaja are a band more people should be behind. Lend your support to them here: