Singles Only 2021: Zayde Wolf – Back at It

Zayde Wolf – Back at It

Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock

Release Date: 8 January 2021

Zayde Wolf hasn’t always been known as a singer-songwriter: he was a producer and has licensed hundreds of songs ranging from film trailers to video games to pro sporting events and various other things until his solo album dropped in 2016. Now once again, his own voice and talent shine through on his new single ‘Back at It.’

This track is very versatile as the whole song is backed with a powerful beat giving it a dance feel as if you could hear it at a club, but there’s also a more rock sound created by the heavily distorted guitars that play in the verses and during the chorus.

It’s an insanely catchy track mostly due to Zayde’s driving and melodic vocals that are simple yet they work perfectly with the song as the instrumentation and music itself is not overly complicated. Zayde has gone for a ‘more is less’ feel which, it certainly is.

Zayde has said the general message of his music is to encourage people and this track does just that.

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