Singles Only 2021: Amazonica – Stepping Stones

Amazonica – Stepping Stones

Genre: Alternative/rock

Release Date: 5 January 2021

Victoria Harrison – or known better by her stage name Amazonica – goes straight-up alternative rock with her brand-new single ‘Stepping Stones.’

‘Stepping Stones’ is a guitar-driven track with the intro consisting of just one guitar playing a simple riff making the song sound almost like a Joy Division track, but as the chorus and verses kick in you get a much more False Advertising sound as it feels a lot heavier and in your face.

Amazonica really shows off her vocals on this track: she has an incredible range and demonstrates it perfectly in this song as she sings at a different level within her ability for each part effortlessly switching it up.

This is a song to simply chill out to. It’s not too heavy that it makes you want to jump around but it hits the sweet spot between being a stadium anthem-like track and something to play in the background whilst chilling out at home.

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