Singles Only 2020: Youth in Revolt – Sad (I’m Not Sorry)

Youth in Revolt – Sad (I’m Not Sorry)

Genre: Post Hardcore/Alt Metal

Release Date: 3 December 2020

Get ready to turn up those speakers because ‘Sad (I’m Not Sorry)’, the new single from Youth in Revolt, is the kind of song that has to be played loud.

From the very first distorted guitar notes that are played it lets, you know this is going to be a lively track and you should strap in for the next few minutes, as they are going to be an absolute treat. Sounding like a cross between Sleeping with Sirens and Of Mice and Men the track is full of sinister riffs, big hooks, heavy breakdowns and a super catchy chorus.

The vocals are at times strong and defiant and right in your face but can also be strained and hopeful giving the song a heavy emotive feeling which is something the band do really well.

It’s clear to see that Youth in Revolt has taken their sound from the 2000’s punk rock scene with ‘Sad (I’m Not Sorry)’ but unlike a lot of bands on the scene now they’ve really managed to capture the nostalgia we associate it with which is not an easy thing to do. Youth in Revolt are definitely onto something special.

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