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Singles Only 2020: Closure – Sink

Closure – Sink

Genre: Emo/Pop-Punk

Release Date: 15 December 2020

Big hooks and beautiful vocals make up the basis of Closure’s incredible new single ‘Sink.’ They are bringing their own brand of thrashy pop-punk with ‘Sink’ full of awesome riffs and sharp vocals: singer Lucy May holds nothing back showing off her incredible vocal range effortlessly pairing perfectly with the rest of the band.

The instrumentation on this track is simple yet effective as it starts with a single guitar riff and builds up as the drums and rhythm guitar comes in making the song heavy, sounding very reminiscent of the 2000’s emo scene. It sounds like a Tonight Alive song but with a flavour of Fall Out Boy running throughout but by no means is a copy of either band.

Closure are killing it right now with ‘Sink’ and it’s almost refreshing to see underground bands like this producing such good songs and (lucky for us) these guys are still in their early days so hopefully we can enjoy them for a long time to come.

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