Singles Only 2020: ReEmerge – Lost At Sea

ReEmerge – Lost At Sea

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 14 October 2020

 ‘Lost At Sea’ is the new single from Arizona band ReEmerge and it is 3 minutes of melodic rock. The guitar parts feel reminiscent of ‘Californication’ by Red Hot Chilli Peppers with the two short guitar parts leading into the third which rings out. It’s a really simple technique but adds a lot to a song when done correctly as you don’t get a stop-start feel but more of a full-on driving force to the overall sound.

The song picks up in the second verse as the vocals speed up and the drums are introduced making the song sound more rock. The song describes how the vocalist is lost at sea and needs someone to take the time to find him. This could be interpreted as the vocalist being alone and he needs a new girlfriend or relationship but until then he feels lost.

The choruses are big and in your face, they’re super catchy and leave you walking away whilst inevitably humming the hooks. It feels like the band really came together and feels like the rest of the track was all building to this.

‘Lost At Sea’ is a really great track full of catchy riffs and big hooks that keep you coming back and listening to this song again and again. It’s layered and it feels like you notice something new on every playthrough. This track features on their new EP ‘Daze Of Night’ along with some other great tracks so if you’re into this go and check it out.

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