Singles Only 2020: IDESTROY – Petting Zoo

IDESTROY – Petting Zoo

Genre: Rock/punk

Release Date: 4 December 2020

‘Petting Zoo’ is the catchy and rebellious new single from rock, 3-piece IDESTROY. It’s an incredibly fun little track packed with edgy guitar parts and powerful drumming.

It’s hard to pin this band and single to any one genre as there are elements and clear inspirations from many different genres in there. There’s a clear influence from the likes of The Buzzcocks with the rawness of bands like L7 all topped off with the attitude of The Runaways. As soon as the guitar intro starts and the song kicks in hard, you know you’re in for a good time

The whole track is fast and powerful creating a feisty punk feeling. They have said that their name is about destroying everything because they like the feeling and this song makes you want to go mental and destroy everything and there’s no better song to do that too.


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