Singles Only 2020: Blue Hour – Run Before You Crawl

Blue Hour – Run Before You Crawl

Genre: Punk Rock

Release Date: 17 November 2020

 To most people, Hertfordshire is known for its historic estates and beautiful countryside and being home to bands such as Enter Shikari and Your Demise so where better for Blue Hour to start making some noise? Especially with their new track ‘Run Before You Crawl’

‘Run Before You Crawl’ is one of the 4 new tracks off of Blue Hour’s new EP: Matter Of Perspective. It’s a super enthusiastic feel-good punk track and hopefully the kind of sound the band will pursue with all their future endeavors.

Run Before You Crawl put the talent Blue Hour have on a pedestal: through tight drumming, powerful guitar playing, and a precise solo, the band manages to convey a breadth of emotion through their instruments.”

‘Run Before You Crawl’ is perfect at making you feel nostalgic whether you want to or not whilst also an incredible track. Listening to this track and checking out Blue Hour is probably the best thing you could do all day.


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