Single Only 2020: BEES! – Life Coach

BEES! – Life Coach

Genre: Punk/rock

Release Date: 19 November 2020

 A lot of people get anxious around bees perhaps because they can sting and nobody likes that; however, you’d have to be crazy to not like BEES! and their excellent new single ‘Life Coach.’

Starting off sounding like My Chemical Romance, this song hooks you right from the start with the rough heavy distorted guitars. The drums and rhythm come in a little after building up the song giving it a rockier feel then vocals start fast with a sense of urgency making the feel of the track almost dangerous.

The chorus is great as it’s broken down and slows the song down as if creating some breathing space. It also feels really immersive as it is just the words “everybody but me” repeated: it’s simple and to the point.

BEES! Have bought something new to the table with this one. It’s a short track but sometimes less is more and that is definitely the case here.

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