Singles Only 2020: Say I Am – Static

Say I Am – Static

Genre: Rock

Release Date: 30 October 2020


‘Static’ is the brand new single from Say I Am and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s a song that sounds like it’s full of dread and existential anguish. It’s seriously worth a listen to if that’s your kind of thing.

From the heavily effected guitars to the indecipherable vocals, there’s a feeling of unease that continues throughout Static. The vocalist, teases the idea of his family being asleep while he’s watching the static of the TV – something that seems instantly ominous.Especially where he starts to say about his whole family being asleep whilst he’s up watching the static. Did he kill them all and can’t believe what he’s done or is it much more innocent?

The middle 8 and the solo give it a much heavier tone and change it up quite significantly whilst the vocals throughout the song are very soft and sound anxious almost. They build up a little more in the chorus and get really heavier just before the outro.

It sounds a little U2 meets Guns’n’Roses inspired. It shows off incredible talent and clever songwriting to make it work which is exactly what this band does.

Halloween is well and truly in our rearview mirrors but that doesn’t mean you can’t still listen to creepy music and ‘Static’ by Say I Am is definitely the way to go.



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