Singles Only 2020: Morning Trips – Di/Hi

Morning Trips – Di/Hi

Genre: indie/pop

Release Date: 24 November 2020

 Morning Trips are a very different band to a lot of the bands we hear in the charts today as it’s difficult to say what genre they actually are, especially with songs like their brand-new single ‘Di/Hi.’ It’s a difficult song to describe but that by no means it isn’t a good song, it’s a great song.

It starts immediately with 80’s vibes feeling like maybe a The Cure track with a little Pink Floyd thrown in. The guitars create a more jangly feeling using heavy effects which is nice as it makes a change from a band just cranking up the distortion and getting by on that – although that is awesome sometimes.

It feels like a driving song, you can imagine yourself turning it up as you cruise down a highway somewhere in America. The lyrics are emotional talking about dying high and how Brady Lynch wants to get off a ride which we could interpret as being high and “getting off” as dying. They sound quite psychedelic and almost hypnotic.

Morning Trips have landed on something very different with ‘Di/Hi.’ It’s the kind of song that everyone will interpret differently as it feels like a wild fever dream. You will enjoy this track if you like the 80’s post punk stuff like Siouxsie and the Banshees and that kind of stuff. 

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