Singles Only 2020: Standing Like Statues – Stupid Love

Standing Like Statues – Stupid Love

Genre: Pop-punk/rock

Release Date: 13 November 2020

 Standing Like Statues are no strangers to writing emotional punk rock songs and thats exactly what they’ve done with their brand-new single ‘Stupid Love’.”

This is a pop-punk ballad full of hard-hitting emotion and heart wrenching passion. It describes the end of a relationship and how hard it is to move on and all the feelings that accompany it. 

The song flys high in the first verse with light fingerpicking guitar and vocals before crashing down with a heavy bone-crunching chorus. The longing vocals work really well throughout the entire track, all at once being pained, defiant and raw.

The middle 8 and outro are the best parts of the song. It ends on an immense high with the words ‘Stupid fucking love song’ shouted over all the instrumentation that opens it up and drives home the message.

Standing Like Statues have said the aim of their new EP is to tackle mental health and social issues, and inject colour into their music. They want to bring their songs to life and make you  meet your problems head on. When you listen to this track, put your head back, close your eyes and see the colours. 



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