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Singles Only 2020: Exit – Material

Exit – Material

Genre: indie/post punk

Release Date: 11 November 2020 

Exit blend 1990’s punk with 2000s indie rock with their new single ‘Material.’ It’s a catchy track and is perfect whether you feel like rocking out or just chilling with some music.

‘Material’ starts very reminiscent of ‘Pale Waves’ until the guitar comes in with heavy distortion: It’s fast but the lyrics are slowed down a little, stopping it from becoming a typical punk track.

The chorus is impressive and intricate with layered vocals that bounce off of each other really well giving it that more indie vibe. It sounds a little like if ‘Pennywise’ were to meet ‘The 1975.’ On Paper it sounds like a bad idea but it actually works really well.

‘Material’ is an extremely lively and fun track and is a credit to Exit. “Material” is an extremely lively track and a credit to Exit’s back catalogue. Keep an eye on these guys because an album featuring songs like this will definitely be worth checking out.”


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