Singles Only 2020: We Were Sharks – Shameless

We Were Sharks – Shameless

Genre: Alternative/Pop-Punk

Release Date: 13 November 2020

We Were Sharks have a habit of writing songs full of riotous chaotic energy that makes you want to bounce off of the walls and throw your fist in the air whilst flipping off the ones you hate and ‘Shameless’ is no exception.

It’s about how everything seems fine but is really not and how we as humans act audacious or brash and no one notices: it’s a strong message which is emphasized by the music these guys can produce.

The guitar playing drives the song and produces some raw energy making the riffs and hooks in ‘Shameless’ just that bit more chaotic. The bass is also essential in this song as it’s so prominent which is refreshing to see. We Were Sharks’ approach to music doesn’t seem as polished as a lot of bands these days which gives them more of a DIY punk feel – like they hit the sweet spot between pop-punk and classic three-chord punk.

‘Shameless’ is a great track as it’s honest which makes it all that more important at hitting home when you really listen to the lyrics. This reflects pop punk’s golden age and although it’s passed, pop-punk itself is still alive and kicking.

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