Singles Only 2020: The Middle Room – Hold That Thought

The Middle Room – Hold That Thought

Genre: Pop-Punk/Rock

Release Date: 6 November 2020

Hailing from Pittsburgh, The Middle Room come at you hard and fast with their own brand of jagged, pop-punk in the form of their new single ‘Hold That Thought.’ Whether you’ve moved on from your emo phase or it really wasn’t a phase, this track will easily take you back to 2009.

These guys are very reminiscent of the pop-punk and emo scene bringing to mind bands like Mayday Parade and Sum 41.

Chuggy riffs provide the base for ‘Hold That Thought’ making you want to pogo rather than windmill… that is until the chorus kicks in and the band really opens up on their instruments showing you the raw power and passion this band showcase throughout their career.

The lyrics are defiant, yet emotional at the same time and remind you of your lonely emo days while the instrumentation drives the song forward. 

‘Hold That Thought’ is the kind of song that makes you feel like you’re at a live show in the 2006 emo scene which is, of course, a rare feeling nowadays. If you feel like reliving the old days or you just want to listen to some good music, these guys have got you covered.


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